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LOS17 Saint Irene of Chrysovanlandou

LOS17 Saint Irene of Chrysovanlandou

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Paperback: 68 pages

Includes the Lives of:

Saint Irene of Chrysovanlandou: Saint Irene was abbess of a great convent. She suffered many attacks from the demons and, while yet a novice, accomplished great ascetical feats. She was granted the gift of clairvoyance and knew the thoughts of all that came to her. Wonderful healings have been performed by her to the present day.

Equal to the Apostles Cyril & Methodius were brothers from Thessalonica, Greece who became missionaries of Christianity among the Slavs. They converted many to the Christian faith, compiled the Slavic alphabet and translated the service books from Greek into Slavonic.

Saint Peregrin & those with him: Eusebius, Vincent, Pontian & Julius. They all chose to suffer cruel tortures rather than deny Christ.

Holy Martyrs Chrysanthus & Daria were a married couple who were persecuted for abstaining from marital relations.

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