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My Holy Queens and Princesses

My Holy Queens and Princesses

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Illustrated by Egle-Ekaterine Potamitis
Hardcover: 112 pages
includes an audio CD

Beautifully illustrated lives of women saints.

Holy Queens and Princesses featured:

Saint Alexandra (April 21)
Saint Drosis (March 22)
Saint Helen (May 21)
Saint Theodora (February 11 and on the First Sunday of Great Lent, the Sunday of Orthodoxy)
Saint Melangell (January 31 and May 27
Saint Tamara (May 1)
Saint Olga (July 11)
Righteous Esther (Sunday before Christmas)
Saint Ludmila (September 16)
Saint Barbara (December 4)
Saint Bathilda (January 30)
Saint Hypomone (March 13, and May 29)

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