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My Recollections of Papa Tykhon

My Recollections of Papa Tykhon

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by Priestmonk Athaanghelos (Kalaphatis)
Paperback: 58 pages

Papa Tykhon, whose name in the world was Timo­thy Golégoff, was born in the village of Nóvaya Mikháilovska in Siberia in 1884. He made his round of about two hundred Russian monasteries, as well as those of Sinai and Palestine. For sixty years he lived on the Holy Mountain where he fell asleep in the Lord on 10 September 1968.

Priestmonk  Agathánghelos’ remarkable account of his experience with Papa Tykkon, his spiritual guide, shows us someone of profound faith, whose unwavering devotion, prayer, and love, stands as a beacon in our darkness.

Through his worldly simplicity and humility, joy and love, Papa Tykhon constantly offered prayers for the whole world. He was devoted to the Theotokos and was a worthy minister of the Most High God, the celebration of the Divine Liturgy being his particular delight. A man of love, prayer, compunc­tion and humility, he demonstrated his love of heav­enly things by his constant remembrance of death, by his joy, and by his “laying aside of all earthly cares.”

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