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New Men DVD

New Men DVD

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"New Men has captured something deep and powerful in our monastic life."
-Archimandrite Seraphim, abbot of Holy Cross Monastery

New Men chronicles one year in the life of Holy Cross Monastery in West Virginia. Over the course of the Church year, a picture of life at Holy Cross unfolds over a backdrop of rolling hills and striking seasonal changes. The monks' reflections on shedding former identities to embrace new lives of prayerful asceticism are woven together with rarely seen moments of the community’s daily work and prayer. As the brotherhood prepares for Pascha, one of the unprofessed monks considers his journey towards Orthodoxy and his upcoming final vows. The film culminates with the tonsure ceremony, in which he receives a new name and vows to live in the Monastery until death.

The DVD edition includes 8 minutes of exclusive interview footage.

DVD, Color, 48 minutes
Region free - will play in any country.
English (English & Russian subtitles included)

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