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Old-Rite Sunday Octoechos

Old-Rite Sunday Octoechos

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This publication is divided into two sections.

The first section contains the Orthodox services, according to the Old Rite of the Russian Orthodox Church, for Sunday services as indicated in the full Octoechos, or Book of Eight Tones.

The second section contains the “Hiermosi” (liturgical hymns opening each Ode of the respective canon) for the Sunday Canons for Compline, Midnight Service and Matins, also from the full Octoechos.

This book can be used for the Church Choir, or as a hymnal to better follow the services, or as an aid to private prayer at home.

This volume is published printed in black & red with green hardcover, 6" X 9", smyth sewn (for better durability and "lay-flat" capability), with marker ribbons in the binding.

Assembled by Deacon Mitrophan Simon using text that was translated from the Church Slavonic according to the Old Rite of the Russian Orthodox Church by Hieromonk German Ciuba.

Chants were adapted into English according to the ancient Znamenny Chant by Deacon Mitrophan Simon.

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