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Orthodox Canon Law: A Casebook for Study

Orthodox Canon Law: A Casebook for Study

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Author: Fr. Patrick Viscuso

Format: Paperback

Pages: 180

“When the average Orthodox hears the words “canon law,” among the things that may come to mind are a dusty code or a set of severe regulations resulting in excommunication for the slightest infraction. Far from it, Fr. Viscuso conveys the point that canon law, as the tradition of the canons, is an incarnational reality. The canons are pastoral standards manifesting God’s saving truth, rather than a set of harsh authoritarian rules. The author uses a unique approach with case studies to elicit answers from the readers, while including an answer key at the end of the work to provide an extremely enlightening and lively commentary. This book will initiate dialogue and will be an exciting resource for all interested in the life of the Church.”

—Rev. Dr. Joseph Allen, Director, Antiochian House of Studies and Professor at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

“Among the most misunderstood and least appreciated dimensions of the life of the Orthodox Church is its canon law. This fact applies to the laity and, to a lesser degree, also to the clergy. The reason for this bias is the degree of misinformation which abounds regarding the Church’s canonical tradition. Fr. Viscuso has attempted to put to rest such misgivings. The book Orthodox Canon Law: A Casebook for Study offers a real-life view of the central issues involved in Orthodox canon law.”

—Dr. Lewis J. Patsavos, Professor of Canon Law and Director of Field Education at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

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