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Readings from The Philokalia on Prayer of the Heart (Audiobook)

Readings from The Philokalia on Prayer of the Heart (Audiobook)

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3 Audio CD's

The readings in this 3 CD audiobook were chosen by the first English translator of the Philokalia, G.E.H. Palmer, as a gift to his blind friend Julian Allen. The original English translation was done at the suggestion of Father Nikon of Mount Athos and was published by Faber and Faber in 1951 as Writings from the Philokalia on Prayer of the Heart. The sequence of writings also corresponds to the advice of Metropolitan Kallistos Ware when asked: in what order should the different treatises in the Philokalia be read? These readings are thus an ideal entrance to the practices of hesychasm, of vigilance, attentiveness and prayer of the heart, revealing the path of profound contemplation in a direct and practical manner. As such, this audiobook is an invitation to practice a path that has been followed continually for almost two millennia, and which continues to lead unerringly to the 'living water' of divine truth. The readings are from the Philokalia, from the texts of Kallistos the Blessed (On Prayer) and St Hesychios (On Watchfulness & Holiness).

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