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Saint Alexander: New Martyr of the White Rose Resistance

Saint Alexander: New Martyr of the White Rose Resistance

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The twentieth century was a period of incredible suffering and violence out of which emerged many saints of the holy Orthodox Church. Saint Alexander of Munich is one such river of holiness of the modern period.

As the dark clouds of the Second World War enveloped Europe, Alexander Schmorell, and a group of close friends, felt compelled to speak out against the atrocities of the Nazi regime. This is their story of courage, strength, and self-sacrificial love—this is the story of the White Rose Resistance.

Armed with the guiding principles of their Christian faith, Alexander Schmorell and his friends discovered something wonderful—that purpose in life comes not from the acquisition of wealth, power, or position, but in striving to imitate Christ’s example through love, service, and sacrifice for one’s fellow man.

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