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Saint Nikolai Velimirovich: 100 Lessons on Love

Saint Nikolai Velimirovich: 100 Lessons on Love

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by St. Nikolai Velimirovich
Paperback: 85 pages

The predominant theme of the 100 Lessons is love. Creation and redemption, human love, false love of passions—all are explicated in this shortest definition: God is Love. God is constantly calling and inviting His children to love Him and their neighbor, in fact expects it, to the same level and manner that He loves us.

In simple but deeply spiritual language, Nikolai answers the most important and often puzzling questions of humankind about God and existence: Who is God? Why did God create? Why must we believe that God the Father gave birth in eternity to a Son? How should we understand the love between the persons of the Holy Trinity? What are the consequences when we separate ourselves from God? What is authentic love between husband and wife? What do monastics exemplify in their calling?

It is as if Nikolai is attempting to make permanent in our minds not only the answers to these questions, but also to establish within ourselves the correct method to employ in answering all questions and issues in life—Love. Love. Love. Always and everywhere the fullest experience one can have in this world—true love for God and neighbor in all its splendor, forever. He forces us to rethink all problems with the highest form of love being our guide and means of solution.

The 100 Lessons on Love is another literary masterpiece of explaining theology and spirituality in terms all can understand, meditate upon, and put into practice. For this reason this text stands alone for all times, as a Little Serbian Philokalia, equal to the ancient spiritual writings of the desert fathers.

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