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Sermons and Writings of Saint John of San Francisco: Book 4

Sermons and Writings of Saint John of San Francisco: Book 4

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Paperback: 64 pages

Saint John is one of the most popular miracle-working saints of our times. He served the church as an archpastor, a zealous missionary leader, and true father to the people. This series of four books containing his sermons and writings on various issues show his wisdom, love for truth and his care and desire for the salvation of the souls of God’s people. His advice is relevant to all Christians today.

Book 4

Topics included are: Open unto Me the Doors of Repentance; Orthodoxy in Action; A Few Words About Russia and Her Martyrs; Participation of Clergy in Public Life; On the Transfiguration; Time to Build; How can we Best Honour our Friends and Relatives who Have Departed this Life?; Christ’s Prayer in the Garden; Two Banquets; In Memory of the Royal Martyrs; Watch!; and We Call Ourselves Christian. This volume also includes some of Saint John’s pastoral letters.

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