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Spirit, Soul, Body

Spirit, Soul, Body

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Author: St. Luke of Simferopol

Form: Paperback

Pages: 124

Publisher's Foreword

St. Luke of Simpferopol was the descendant of a White-Russian-Polish impoverished princely line. By the end of his life he was an archbishop of the Russian Orthodox Church and at the same time a prominent physician, surgeon, scientist-researcher, inventor, author of scientific and theological works and painter.

At the time of the civil war after the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, when their consistent morbid and deadly persecution of the clergy was at full swing, Valentin Voino-Jasenetsky consented to be ordained as priest, and later he took monastic vows with the name Luke (after the Apostle and Evangelist Luke) and he was ordained as bishop. Being an intelligent and powerful spiritual pastor he was persecuted by the Soviet authorities. They convicted him on the base of false accusations and sentenced him to banishment in Siberia, above the Polar Circle, for nearly 14 years.

We offer here a translation of his beautiful treaty on God, man and the universe, based on the Holy Scriptures, his religious experience and the works of scientists, theologians and philosophers.

The reader will even find clues with regard to the secrets of life in the whole universe, on the distant stars and planets that God's Spirit has revealed to Saint Luke.

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