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Talk 10: The Struggle of Saint Xenia the Fool-for-Christ for Her Unrepentant Departed Husband

Talk 10: The Struggle of Saint Xenia the Fool-for-Christ for Her Unrepentant Departed Husband

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Set of 3 Audio CD's

(Duration: 2hrs 34mins)

Saint Xenia the Fool-for-Christ is one of the best-known Russian saints. Because of her many miracles, her popularity has spread throughout the Orthodox world, in Greece, America, Serbia, Canada, Australia, Romania, and beyond. She is especially called upon for help with everyday problems, such as finding employment, housing, a spouse, or missing children. She also helps those suffering from alcoholism, marital problems, childlessness, and depression. However, even more than for her many miracles, this great saint is especially to be venerated for her holy and marvellous life.

In this talk, Father Kosmas relates the life of Saint Xenia in some detail. Saint Xenia was happily married to an army colonel. Then, while attending a party, her husband suddenly died in a drunken state. This event shook Xenia, and because her beloved husband had died without confession and Holy Communion she became concerned for his soul. She went on to dedicate the remaining time of her life to struggling for the salvation of his soul by means of prayer and almsgiving, becoming for us a shining example of selfless love for one’s spouse even after death.

The following questions are also discussed: how should one find a spouse? Can women work while raising children? When are parents considered murderers of their children’s souls? What is the highest form of love? Is there an aversion today to raising children? What are the two types of unrepentant Christians? How do we pray for the departed non-Orthodox?

Other points covered in this talk include: how selfishness is one of the main diseases in marriages today; the beauty of loving one’s spouse; love beyond the grave; how good can come from catastrophes; emotional funerals; the miracle of God’s providence in our lives; some examples of Saint Xenia’s clairvoyance; and how the devil especially attacks those who serve in the Church.

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