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The Great Canon: the Work of St. Andrew of Crete

The Great Canon: the Work of St. Andrew of Crete

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Author: St. Andrew of Crete

Form: Paperback

Pages: 96

Holy Trinity Publications has prepared an improved and corrected edition of The Great Canon for distribution in time for Great Lent.

Among the changes:

  • The text has been thoroughly edited to conform precisely to the translation by Archimandrite Kallistos and Mother Mary, as published by Faber & Faber in 1977.
  • Scriptural citations are now given as footnotes, rather than inline text.
  • Rubrical instructions have been revised to conform to the practice of Holy Trinity Monastery.
  • Other minor errata have been corrected.

This is the classic canon of repentance, chanted in parts over the first four days of the Lenten Fast and in its entirety on the Thursday of the fifth week. The full text of the life of our Holy Mother Mary of Egypt is also given, as read liturgically during Matins on the Thursday of the fifth week. Traditional English translation by Mother Mary and Archimandrite Kallistos (Ware).

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