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The Jesus Prayer and its Application

The Jesus Prayer and its Application

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The Opinions of Saints, of Elder Paisios and Other Contemporary Elders

by Archimandrite Arsenios Katerelos
Paperback; 175 pages

The single-minded Prayer -"Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me"- is the simplest, but also the most powerful "weapon" of prayer for the faithful -either Monk or layperson. This brief prayer, which was delivered to us by our ancient, holy Fathers of the 6th century, is a condensed form of the entire confession of the Christological Faith of our Church, the complete dogma on the Incarnation of Christ and God, "in Whose name every knee should bend, of those in heaven and on earth and below the earth" (Phil. 2:10) and with Whose name the powers of perdition are "flogged" (Ladder of Divine Ascent, 21:7).

The book titled "The Jesus Prayer and its application", by the respected and beloved Elder, Arsenios Katerelos -a very familiar Spiritual Father, Preacher and author- constitutes an invaluable aid for a Christian's introduction to the art of the precious "Prayer". The Archimandrite Elder Arsenios has deposited the sacred experiences and the teachings of the Elders, Saint Paisios the Hagiorite and Isaac the Lebanese, near whom he had learnt the monk's way of life, enriched with the teaching of the holy Fathers, but also with the discretion that has been based on his own hesychastic experience.

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