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The Order of the Moleben and the Panikhida

The Order of the Moleben and the Panikhida

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Hardback, 96 pages

This booklet contains the prayers said by Orthodox Christians celebrating a service of supplication or intercession—a Moleben—on behalf of the living, according to the Slavic tradition. A Moleben may be served on any occasion to invoke the aid of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Mother of God, or the saints. The book includes the unique order of the Paschal Moleben, served during Bright Week.

The book also contains the Panikhida, a memorial service to pray for the blessed repose and salvation of the departed. Traditionally the memorial service is said for an individual at their death and on the third, ninth and fortieth day after their death as well as six months after, and on the first anniversary of their death.

The texts are taken from the “Jordanville” Prayer Book and arranged to match the usage of Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, New York.

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