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The Pentecostarion of the Orthodox Church

The Pentecostarion of the Orthodox Church

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Author: Lambertson, Isaac E. (trans)

Form: Hardcover


TheᅠcompleteᅠPentecostarion, including canons not present inᅠtheᅠGreek edition,ᅠthe services for All SaintsᅠofᅠRussia, All SaintsᅠofᅠMt. Athos, andᅠtheᅠNew-Martyrsᅠofᅠthe Turkish Yoke, as well asᅠtheᅠTriodiaᅠofᅠtheᅠVenerable Joseph. Translated in style consistent withᅠtheᅠOctoechos and Menaion published by SJKP; thoroughly revised and edited; replacesᅠtheᅠcomb-bound provisional edition. Printed in red & black throughout, with 3 marker ribbons.

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