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The Romanovs: Family of Faith and Charity

The Romanovs: Family of Faith and Charity

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Author: Maria Maximova

Trans. Nicholas Kotar

Format: Hardcover

4.5 X 6.5" * 56 pages

This book shares the story of the last Russian emperor and his family in which there are both happy memories and great hardships. In their daily life we find examples of courage, patience, wisdom, love, and faith. Their life was not necessarily what one would expect for an Emperor and his family; there was much more than fancy clothes and delicious food. They nursed the sick, ate porridge, kayaked along the Finnish coastline, and cared for chickens. Now we know them as Royal Martyrs: deeply pious Orthodox Christians who laid down their lives for the Faith, and as role models of Christian virtue who showed kindness even to the guards who taunted them.

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