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Theotokos (Iveron-Hawaii) Mounted Jordanville Icon

Theotokos (Iveron-Hawaii) Mounted Jordanville Icon

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Mounted Icon Print

For custom orders of this icon with more size and finish options, visit the Icon Studio website.

The Hawaiian Iveron Icon is a small mounted print of the Montreal Iveron Icon. It was originally purchased at the Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Cathedral's small church kiosk in Toronto by Archpriest Anatole V. Lyovin and was given to Reader (now Priest) Nectarios in Hawaii as a gift for the aforementioned name's day.

The icon began streaming myrrh during the month of October in the year 2007.

The icon visits our monastery every year on the anniversary of the murder of Brother Jose (the keeper of the Montreal Iveron Icon who is buried in our cemetery).


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