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Great Christian Feasts: History & Theology

Great Christian Feasts: History & Theology

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by Archim. Vassilios Bakoyiannis
Paperback: 236 pages

This book is not just a timeline on how and when divine events began to be celebrated, but also a revelation of the real theological reasons on why they are remembered on specific dates of the year. Going back in time the reader will meet prophets, ancient philosophers and pagans who directly or indirectly were used as “instruments” of God for His salvation work. Introducing common dates for the Great Feasts of the Lord was a complex task for the Holy Church Fathers and the Ecumenical Counsels. The Feasts include: Christmas, Circumcision, Epiphany, Christ's Crucifixion, Feasts of the Cross, Resurrection, Mid-Pentecost, Ascension, Pentecost and Holy Trinity.

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