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LOS05 Holy Great Martyr Barbara

LOS05 Holy Great Martyr Barbara

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Paperback: 64 pages

Includes the Lives of:

Holy Great Martyr Barbara: Even in our own times there are many examples of parents not accepting their children's faith in Christ. In the life of this holy Martyr we see a horrible example of the level one can reach in their hostility towards Christ. Disapproving of his daughter's faith, Saint Barbara's father handed her over to the governor to be tortured, and eventually went to the extreme of killing her himself. This great Saint is prayed to for help in dealing with unbelieving parents.

Saint Arsenius, Archbishop of Kerkyra

Hieromartyr Flavian the Confessor was killed by heretical bishops for defending the dogmas of the Orthodox Church. Also included is the famous letter of Saint Leo, Pope of Rome, to Saint Flavian about the heretic Eutychius.

Saint John the Russian remained steadfast in the Christian Faith despite the many enticements and threats of the Moslems.

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