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LOS11 Saint Simeon the Stylite

LOS11 Saint Simeon the Stylite

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Paperback: 54 pages

Includes the Lives of:

Saint Simeon the Stylite: Saint Simeon followed a particular ascesis for the love of Christ, which was until then unknown: standing day and night on a high pillar in unceasing prayer. He was granted the gift of working miracles and healing the sick of soul and body, for which many people gathered around his pillar.

Holy Martyrs Timothy & Mavra: Twenty days after their wedding, this wonderful couple were taken to trial for their Christian Faith. They strengthened each other in endurance while they were being crucified.

Saint Genevieve of Paris is known as the patron saint of Paris. Through her prayers she saved the city from the invasion of Attila the Hun, and became worthy of heaven through fasting and works of mercy.

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