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LOS20 Saints Sophia, Faith, Hope & Love

LOS20 Saints Sophia, Faith, Hope & Love

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Paperback: 80 pages

Includes the Lives of:

Saints Sophia, Faith, Hope & Love: This is the moving story of a mother who encourages her three young daughters to choose martyrdom over freedom. The dialogue between the young girls and the Emperor demonstrates the power, wisdom, and strength that are given to those who would otherwise be weak.

Apostle Matthew: One of the twelve Apostles, he was a tax collector, which was viewed as a sinful occupation. This life is an example of the extreme suffering and hardship Christ's Apostles endured in spreading the Gospel. Even today, the true descendants of the Apostles, right-believing bishops and priests, suffer persecution for their effort to bring souls to Christ.

New Martyrs Lydia, Cyril & Alexei: Cyril was a Communist soldier ordered to participate in the rape of Lydia, a young Christian woman. Suddenly something occurred to prevent him, which often leaves those who read this account in tears.

Saint Hilarion of Optina: One of the fourteen great Optina Elders, Saint Hilarion was renowned for his discernment during Confession, which he performed with great simplicity and insight.

Virgin Martyr Lucia: At first engaged to a young man, she later decided, by divine revelation, to preserve her virginity. As a result, her mother tried to dissuade her and her betrothed betrayed her.

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