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Reflections of a Humble Heart

Reflections of a Humble Heart

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Form: Paperback

Pages: 99

When entreated for words of wisdom, the author of this text, an unknown "elder of blessed memory," begins by declaring, "There is nothing eternal under the sun except the human soul." He goes on to elucidate with penetrating simplicity the central facts of human existence: the creation and fall of man and his restoration in the God-Man Jesus Christ. Speaking with rare authority born of experience in the authentic Christian life, the elder urges his listener towards spiritual vigilance: "Heed the signs?and do not relax your trust in God." His own profound love for God and neighbor suffuses these reflections with warmth and joy, evidence of "what blessedness it is to be a slave of Christ." "Earthly life," the elder reminds us, "is short, insecure, mutable. O Man, seek what is everlasting, eternal, and trustworthy. And what is eternal and trustworthy can be found only in God." Here is a brief work of enduring value, a text that speaks directly and convincingly to those seeking not only to know but to attain that which is eternal.

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