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Sermons and Writings of Saint John of San Francisco: Book 1

Sermons and Writings of Saint John of San Francisco: Book 1

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Paperback: 64 pages

Saint John is one of the most popular miracle-working saints of our times. He served the church as an archpastor, a zealous missionary leader, and true father to the people. This series of four books containing his sermons and writings on various issues show his wisdom, love for truth and his care and desire for the salvation of the souls of God's people. His advice is relevant to all Christians today.

Book 1

Topics included are: A Word to the Youth; Humility and Struggle; On Saint Seraphim; Cheese-fare Sunday; On the Sunday of Orthodoxy; On Saint Justin the Philosopher; On Zacchaeus; Christ is Risen!; Saint Vladimir's Day Celebration; On the Fall of Man; On the Feast of All Saints of Russia; Lay Not up Treasures on Earth, But in Heaven Where Nothing is Lost; Come, O Ye People, Let us Worship the God in Three Persons; The Sin of Regicide; The Meaning of Holy Orthodoxy in the History of the Russian State; and Labouring with Christ.

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