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The Spiritual Unconscious

The Spiritual Unconscious

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by Dr. Jean Claude Larchet
Paperback: 270 pages

This work extends Dr, Larchet's prior research, underscores the dependence of our psychological state on our spiritual state, and shows how certain psychological disorders stem from spiritual illnesses. These disorders can therefore be trated and healed through treatment of these spiritual illnesses. Building upon Patristic tradition, the author brings to light the existence of a dual spiritual unconscious in man, and delineates both its nature and its function with respect to pathology and therapy. Posing the problem of the respective place and role for spiritual therapeutics and psychotherapy, he offers new perspectives on the development of a treatment of psychological illnesses fully respectful of Christian anthropology, putting to good use the rich experience of the care of souls acquired, over the centuries, by the Christian East.

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