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The Struggle Against Ecumenism in the Serbian Orthodox Church

The Struggle Against Ecumenism in the Serbian Orthodox Church

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Paperback: 64 pages

Bishop Artemius (Radosavljevich), a spiritual child of Blessed Justin (Popovich), is a bishop of the Serbian Orthodox Church and an active theologian and missionary. This book contains a short biography of Bishop Artemius and his letters to the Serbian Synod revealing the dangers of the World Council of Churches and requesting them to withdraw from this Council.

He writes: The presence of representatives of Orthodox Churches at various ecumenist gatherings has no canonical justification whatsoever. We do not go there in order to confess boldly, openly and unwaveringly the eternal and unchangeable truth of the Orthodox Faith and Church, but in order to make compromises and, more or less, to agree to all the decisions and formulations the non-orthodox offer us.

The book also includes a fiery response to the Synod regarding the un-orthodox practices of Bartholomew, Patriarch of Constantinople; an extract from the book Ecumenism in an Age of Apostasy by Hieromonk Sava (Yanjic), a spiritual child of Bishop Artemius; and a sermon by the renowned theologian Blessed Justin titled Humanistic Ecumenism.

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