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Words into Spirit: Pastoral Perspectives on Confession

Words into Spirit: Pastoral Perspectives on Confession

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This is a beautiful collection of fifteen articles by such eminent authors as Bishop JOHN Abdalah, Arch. Zacharias of Essex, and Arch. Alexis Trader, is a must have reference for anyone involved in pastoral ministry. Pragmatic and insightful, the authors reflect on many decades of experience to give practical advice on how to effectively handle pastoral challenges.

A point of reference is crucial for today’s pastor, thrown as he is into an ocean of anxiety and despair, struggling to bring Christ’s flock into a safe harbor. Words into Spirit is just such a reference point. Comprising the sage advice of fifteen authors, it is a wealth of practical and applicable approaches to the challenges brought to the pastor, not just in confession but in the myriad interactions that accompany the life of the spiritual father. Focused primarily on the particular complexities of marriage and family life, Words into Spirit serves as a timely contribution when those institutions are being especially assailed by our broader culture.

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